March 24, 2013

Next Phase of Life

After four years of awesome friends, hours and hours of studying, on call nights, stressful situations, tests, quizzes, pimping, presenting, and stories that made us cry from laughter, we reached the moment all medical students (AND spouses) dream of, finding out where they matched.  We were thrilled that Monday when we found out we matched and unfortunately we had to wait another 4 days to find out where. The University of Utah guest house was filled with students, family and friends. We ate and talked for a little bit and then the moment came when the students were able to retrieve their envelopes. It felt like Christmas morning. The room was filled with cheers, smiles and tears. Jeff opened his envelope and he was ecstatic. We will be going to Spartanburg, South Carolina for our transitional year and to Baltimore, Maryland for radiology residency. All of Jeff's hard work had FINALLY paid off.  I keep feeling the need to sing the good morning Baltimore song from hairspray after finding out where we're going. Even though people keep telling us horror stories about people's throats almost getting slit while walking through the city or how they know ten people that got mugged while taking public transportation - we couldn't be happier!

This pretty much sums up how we felt that day

Our amazing friends. These guys and their wives made medical school enjoyable.. We've shared our happiest and saddest moments with these friends and we're going to miss them more than they will know. 

East coast here we come!! Jeff really does know where Baltimore is, but his arm can only stretch so far.