September 10, 2015


I rarely have to wake Garrett up from naps, but on this day I had to and he was sleeping so peacefully I had to snap a picture.
We celebrated our 6th anniversary by going on a little hike. 

Jeff turned 31!
I took the kids to the beach and my nice friend, Kim, snapped this picture.

Jeff had a radiology conference in DC, so we got to stay down there for the week and it was awesome! I took the kids to the zoo a couple times.

We walked around the national mall and rode on this super old and kind of scary merry go round.

Played at the pool.

And strolled around some museums.

We took a road trip to Columbus, OH to go visit some good friends Jeff grew up with.
The Peterson's have two little boys and a girl and Garrett was in heaven.

We went to Kirtland.

Kirtland was pretty awesome. It was humbling seeing these church sites.
This is the quarry, where they took stone to build the temple. Garrett loved throwing rocks off the bridge. 
The best part about vacation was hanging out with my family and having Jeff around.
I love those crazy eyes. 

This is one of Garrett's best friends, Lucy. They crack me up.

This pretty much describes Jane and Garrett's relationship right now.

Kim and I took our kids into DC for embassy week. It's crazy, but fun. Each day different embassies open their doors to the public and give away food and drinks, and do different things associated with their country, like dancing or singing . We did a ton of walking and my back hurt from carrying the kids, but we had a good time.

We went to the beach and we did some strawberry picking. 
I think we had a pretty successful beginning to our summer.