December 3, 2013

C H A R L E S T O N , S C 

Things were a little different for Thanksgiving this year. Jeff had the weekend off, so we took a little weekend trip to my favorite place, Charleston. I LOVE Charleston. When I was younger my aunt and her family would rent a beach house for the week and I was able to join in on the fun several times. Charleston brings back fun memories and I was excited to make some more with Jeff and little G.

First stop was the Morris Island lighthouse on Folly Beach

 3 miles of lights and fun

We went to Fort Moultrie 

 He was as excited about the hotel as we were.
We got to turn the heat up to 74!
AND we had more than 2 channels!!!
 We went to Sullivan's Island, and saw the Charleston lighthouse.

 The Arthur Ravenel Bridge may not look that cool, but it's pretty awesome.
 It's the third longest suspension bridge in the western hemisphere.
 We took a ferry to Fort Sumter

 G has many faces and this is a new one that just started on our trip.
We went to the Angel Tree - 1400 year old oak tree - pretty impressive

 Went to the city market
 Not so excited about Santa
 These houses are AHmazing! This one isn't that great, but the streets of Charleston are full of gone with the wind style houses and they are GORGEOUS. I was in heaven looking at all of them.

We went down Rainbow Row - a street full of colorful homes
 I chose to rent some bikes to explore downtown. I thought it would be a great way to cover all the things I wanted to see. We got our bikes and put a helmet on Garrett, which he was not excited all. He screamed, but then stopped once we started moving. After about an hour he was not so happy again. We stopped and I tried feeding him some peas, which was good until I spilled the pureed, nastiness all over his pants, the seat and his socks. Jeff and I started cleaning up the peas, but Garrett started screaming even louder, because we weren't feeding him and then he started hyperventilating and wouldn't was awesome. We started biking again and he calmed down after 10 horrible minutes. We also gave him a bottle which helped out too. Poor little guy. Other than that lovely incident he was a trooper.
 Our last day wasn't the best weather,
but I really wanted to go to Folly Beach one last time to say farewell to Charleston.

 Trying out sand for the first time.

We don't know where this face came from, but we love it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

F A L L 

     I've never experienced a fall that lasted so long and without snow! It's been wonderful. We flew our kite.
 Drove along the blue ridge parkway to look at the changing colors.

 Watched the sun go down on the lake

 And partied with Garrett the lion and Oliver the doctor