May 18, 2014

 O U R  B A C K  P O R C H

Our screened in porch is my absolute favorite thing...besides the lake. We come out just about every day and hang out here and take in the surroundings. It was EXTREMELY hot the other day, so we spent the majority of the day outside in our back porch. I don't know why, but having Garrett only in a diaper is my favorite, I think it's the belly. He loved swinging on our swing, 

 playing with cups,

 then he was mesmerized by a wipe I gave him

 he shredded it into a thousand pieces
 and he liked when I would toss him onto the chair pads. 

May 6, 2014

week at the beach

While Jeff's family was in town we took a little road trip to Charleston and then headed up the coast to hang out at Myrtle Beach for a week. They haven't been out to this part of the country, so it was fun taking them around to new places. We all went to the huge oak tree in Charleston - it's over 1400 years old! Then we split up, some went to Patriots point, while Jeff, Steph and I went to Magnolia Plantation. Last time we were in Charleston, we pretty much did everything that we wanted to do except this plantation. I'm obsessed with plantation homes, I think they are so pretty and even though it was kind of a tourist trap it was still fun to look around at the gardens and see the house. 

A N G E L  O A K  T R E E 

 M A G N O L I A  P L A N T A T I O N

Stephanie bought some orange sherbet and I think Garrett ate most of it.

 M Y R T L E  B E A C H

Those teeth kill me.

Flying grandpa's kite.

These two were the cutest. G was Autumn's little shadow.

We had a great time with our family! Thanks everyone for flying out, and thank you Dan and Melinda for the awesome vacation!! 

May 1, 2014

E A S T E R 

Jeff's family came to visit us for a little bit and it was fun having them in town for Easter. 
The Easter bunny came and delivered some toys and treats...cheerio filled eggs for G. 
We attempted to take family pictures, had an Easter egg hunt and enjoyed the beautiful weather.