May 6, 2014

week at the beach

While Jeff's family was in town we took a little road trip to Charleston and then headed up the coast to hang out at Myrtle Beach for a week. They haven't been out to this part of the country, so it was fun taking them around to new places. We all went to the huge oak tree in Charleston - it's over 1400 years old! Then we split up, some went to Patriots point, while Jeff, Steph and I went to Magnolia Plantation. Last time we were in Charleston, we pretty much did everything that we wanted to do except this plantation. I'm obsessed with plantation homes, I think they are so pretty and even though it was kind of a tourist trap it was still fun to look around at the gardens and see the house. 

A N G E L  O A K  T R E E 

 M A G N O L I A  P L A N T A T I O N

Stephanie bought some orange sherbet and I think Garrett ate most of it.

 M Y R T L E  B E A C H

Those teeth kill me.

Flying grandpa's kite.

These two were the cutest. G was Autumn's little shadow.

We had a great time with our family! Thanks everyone for flying out, and thank you Dan and Melinda for the awesome vacation!! 

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