June 19, 2015

I thought Garrett's fawning over his new baby sister would fade, but it hasn't, not one bit. He adores her and it melts my heart. Sometimes it's a little too much love, but he means well. He always wants to get her the moment he hears her wake up in the morning or in the afternoon, he says, "Jane awake!" and rushes in and gets right in her face and laughs. He gives her lots of kisses and hugs. He calls her Janey. He tries to tickle her. He likes to rub her head and he cheers her on during tummy time. For some reason he doesn't like to hold her. The one time he did he pushed her right off of his lap when he was done. He even likes to share food and drinks with her, "Jane want some," ummm no, sister does not want any of your food, thank you for sharing though! 

June 17, 2015

Clearly I'm not a professional photographer. I would have loved to have my friend, Mary Clark, take our pictures, because she's amazing, but I couldn't fly her out to Baltimore and photographers in Baltimore are SUPER expensive. So to sort of solve my dilemma, my mom bought props, fabric and a bunch of other things so that we could attempt our own pictures. I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out. I would have loved the images to be sharper and I kind of dropped the ball sometimes with focusing, but overall I think we did a pretty decent job!  

G was trying to find her "footies"

 With this one, I want to make the chewbacca noise...haha.

 Garrett is the worst person alive...he would not cooperate at all, so this was as good as it was going to get.
 My apartment was a disaster!