September 7, 2011

new obsession

This weekend I went to Swiss Days, and filled my brain with new projects I MUST do. I saw a booth that had all these pin-back buttons covered in fabric, and they were super cute. They had millions of colors and made bracelets, bobby pins, head bands and all sorts of other things. I was in heaven. I saw the price; it wasn't too bad, but I thought, I can for sure do this at home....NOT. To my disappointment I discovered you have to have a pin back button press. What is that, you ask? It's a $300 machine that puts it all together, and it's not done by hand. Frowny face. I'm still excited about this, because I feel like someone should know how to do this without spending tons of money on a button press. I've Googled, and I'm tired of searching. So, does anyone know how to create a fabric covered pin-back button?