September 7, 2011

new obsession

This weekend I went to Swiss Days, and filled my brain with new projects I MUST do. I saw a booth that had all these pin-back buttons covered in fabric, and they were super cute. They had millions of colors and made bracelets, bobby pins, head bands and all sorts of other things. I was in heaven. I saw the price; it wasn't too bad, but I thought, I can for sure do this at home....NOT. To my disappointment I discovered you have to have a pin back button press. What is that, you ask? It's a $300 machine that puts it all together, and it's not done by hand. Frowny face. I'm still excited about this, because I feel like someone should know how to do this without spending tons of money on a button press. I've Googled, and I'm tired of searching. So, does anyone know how to create a fabric covered pin-back button?


  1. I totally wish that I knew how to do this! I need a good craft project and this is totally up my alley. I want to start doing little projects to entertain myself. Love you, hope you are doing ok. - Kari

  2. I made a tree skirt last winter that had fabric covered buttons on it. I bought the buttons at the craft store, they come with instructions and a little tool that helps you put the fabric on so it looks nice and smooth. I bet you could find a similar kit that are pins instead of buttons. I think I went to Joann's...but I'm sure you could find them at any craft store. Hope this helps :)

  3. I bought one for my school when I was the art teacher there and we LOVED it. We made buttons for all sorts of events and the kids really liked them. But yeah, they are 300 bucks. It's actually a pretty heavy duty machine, but worth it if you want to make lots of buttons and have them come out all smooth and professional looking. Good luck! They are very cute!