August 29, 2011

summer vacation

Right after Jeff took his board exam, we got to go on a much needed vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, to visit my mom's side of the family and RELAX. We had a blast.
I know this trip happened in July, but I had to post our week long adventure. 

Jeff and his little swimsuit...

All you can eat crab legs...

This was not planned...

Amy enjoying the lazy river...

I had to throw in this picture....

local amusement park 

Jeff and Amy riding the Hammer. It was insane! 

They were super high and all we could see were their feet.

Thanks for the fun break mom and dad! 
We had a blast eating friendly's ice cream, hanging out on the beach and being with family. 

1 comment:

  1. i like that bottom pic. :)
    what on earth... is the 8th one down. hahaha toooo classy.
    havent seen you in ages. not okay. girls night soon please!