October 8, 2014

C O N N E C T I C U T 
The beginning of September was a fun time for us. My dad went to a BYU football game in Connecticut and we decided to meet him up there before heading to Massachusetts. 
He took us on a tour of Madison, CT. It is beautiful there! 
My dad attended high school in Madison and below is their neighborhood beach hang out. The only people who have access are locals (we talked our way in so we could take a picture). His high school's football field is right next to the beach too. How fun would that be!  He took us to his old house and also showed me where he and my mom lived when they were first married. It was pretty cool, except when he told me their apartment is where I was conceived...not cool.
The next day we drove to Cape Cod. Jeff and I took a little road trip through Rhode Island, which is beautiful, while my dad picked up my mom and memma from the airport. 


Our first day on the cape was a little gloomy so we just drove around and found some fun places to go to keep us busy.
We took a cranberry bog tour in this awesome bus. To my disappointment they do not look like the ocean spray commercials, there's not any water with beautiful berries floating on top, that part of the process only lasts a few days, but it was pretty interesting to hear how they harvest them. Garrett about had it with the tour and was very restless. 

We walked along the beach to try and find horse shoe crabs.

We went to the fish market and watched the fisherman haul in the fish. Weirdly this was one of my favorite things, even with the terrible smell. 

Their seafood was delicious. This was my yummy lobster roll. 
We walked around the town, and of course Garrett went #2 and I was out of diapers and far away from where we were staying. I looked around for someone with kids and embarrassingly asked a mom if I could pay her for a diaper, haha, but who hasn't been in that situation before? Luckily she just gave me one and laughed. I would have done the same. 

We took a tour of the Cape Cod chip factory, YUM! 

We went to Sandwich's glass museum. Apparently glass blowing is a big deal up there. 

These colorful glass items are my favorite. 

We went to the beach in Chatham...we just really liked Chatham.

Garrett was unsure about the water at first. 

He quickly warmed up to the FREEZING water.

We had to make another stop at the fish pier for one more round of their clam chowder and fresh seafood. 

My days kind of blur together, but one of the days we went to Provincetown, the first place the Pilgrims landed, not Plymouth. 
One of the cities my Dad lived in when he was growing up.

Provincetown was a cute town and definitely had it's own flair. It's pretty similar to Haight-Ashbury  in San Francisco.

THIS is Nantucket and it is my favorite. 
My mom and Memma were kind enough to watch Garrett so that Jeff and I could go hang out with my dad. She also rented a jeep for us to go four wheeling on the sand dunes. It was incredible. The beaches there are beautiful and the water is so clear.

We hunted for sea shells. 

Drove by beautiful scenery.

Went swimming 

Went to a local farm.

Walked around the downtown area.

Dad and I got lobster rolls, Jeff got this...
A soft shell crab sandwich, yes, you eat the whole thing, not recommended.

We saw a ton of light houses and adorable houses. 

While we were in Nantucket, Garrett was with the grandmas. He was very intrigued by the boats unloading cars. 

 I love these pictures of Garrett with Memma. We call my grandma Memma, it's a southern thing, like Sheldon on Big Bang Theory. 

We came back to find G's hair in a pony tail. Nope, I will not cut it, not yet. 

Our last stop on the Cape was Martha's Vineyard

There was a little park with a gazebo in it and I thought the weather vane was pretty cute. The park was surrounded by adorable Victorian houses. I was in heaven. 

Our last day was spent in Boston. Again, my mom took one for the team and watched Garrett so we could go enjoy a child free baseball game. Before the game Jeff and I had a great time exploring downtown. We saw Paul Revere's grave, went to Cambridge to see Harvard and just had fun walking around the city. Fenway was awesome. My favorite part was when they play Sweet Caroline and everyone sings.

The next day we drove home and got to enjoy a nice sunset. It was a good way to end our vacation.