February 28, 2015


This was the day Garrett got called a girl a couple of times and I decided it was time to cut the hair. 

 I wish we had left the mullet for a few days,

but we cut the rest.

 My little baby boy looks so grown up! 

We escaped the cold for a little bit and flew to Phoenix to visit Jeff's brother, Preston, and his family.
Garrett had a blast playing with his cousins. It was definitely a Garrett vacation.

 Preston and Amy were nice and watched G for us so we could go out on a date. 

 We went to the Phoenix zoo and fed a Giraffe! It was pretty awesome. 

 For Thanksgiving we decided to go to New York City for the weekend. 
It was fun, crazy, exhausting and every level of our patience was tested with Garrett.

 Some of our friends got up at 5am and saved us a spot to watch the Macy's day parade. I joined them at 6:30 and Jeff and Garrett came at 9. It was pretty cool, but I think I'm ok not ever going again. And Jeff unfortunately lost his phone on the way back to the hotel, on the bright side, we had a fun morning at the parade and ate an awesome Thanksgiving meal at a triple D restaurant called, the Brindle Room. We've heard their burgers are fantastic so we'll have to go back.

 We looked at the Saks 5th Avenue windows. Their theme was fairy tales this year. 

Looked at the Macy's store windows. 

 Saw the tree at the Rockefeller plaza. 
Too bad it wasn't lit up yet, maybe next year we'll go for the tree lighting. 

Jeff was nice enough to stay at our hotel with Garrett and let me go to Radio City Music Hall and see the Rockette's Christmas spectacular. I loved it. 

We went on a little stroll through Central Park.

And walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. 

 Because we took a train in from New Jersey we didn't have a car, which was so nice, because we could walk everywhere, but not so nice because Garrett despised the cold and did NOT want to sit in his stroller. Imagine a toddler walking around times square with a million people around, not wanting to hold your hand, not wanting to watch where he is going, and not wanting to stay on the sidewalk. Then, when you try to pick him up or try to hold his hand he throws himself onto the nasty sidewalk, or the floor of the subway or the ground in chelsea market and lays there, and there's nothing you can do to calm him down except let him just have his little moment and then all is good. Like I said, we had a really good time, but we had to learn to just not care about what people thought and to roll with it and laugh, it was either that or get frustrated and be grumpy. When we go back, we're going in warmer weather.


 I'm playing major catch up right now. I haven't posted anything in a LONG time, so here are some of our adventures from the month of October. I think this may have been my favorite fall. The weather was beautiful and Garrett and I did all sorts of fall activities and enjoyed the outdoors. 
 We went to Mount Vernon to meet up with Jeff's sister and her husband while they were in town.
Ok, I know this is gross, but I thought it was hilarious that they have George Washington's teeth on display, I'm weird, I know. 
We went to the Jefferson Memorial and forgot a jacket for G, so he borrowed a sweatshirt from Dave. Thanks Dave! 

I love this little face. He loves lining up all his animals in the tub.

 We picked out pumpkins and looked at farm animals. 
Garrett loves animals, well, just looking, not touching. 

 We had some frozen apple cider.
 We went hiking and threw rocks into the river.

 Soaked up our last bit of sunshine at the park. 
 Went to six flags with some friends. Garrett rode his first roller coaster. After the first time around he kept saying, "Done, done, done." haha. I may have scarred him for life. 
 We met up in Philly with Laci and her husband, Parker. 

Climbed the Rocky stairs. 
 Went on wagon rides. 
 Walked through a corn maze.
And had a fun Halloween dressed up as a shark.