February 28, 2015


 I'm playing major catch up right now. I haven't posted anything in a LONG time, so here are some of our adventures from the month of October. I think this may have been my favorite fall. The weather was beautiful and Garrett and I did all sorts of fall activities and enjoyed the outdoors. 
 We went to Mount Vernon to meet up with Jeff's sister and her husband while they were in town.
Ok, I know this is gross, but I thought it was hilarious that they have George Washington's teeth on display, I'm weird, I know. 
We went to the Jefferson Memorial and forgot a jacket for G, so he borrowed a sweatshirt from Dave. Thanks Dave! 

I love this little face. He loves lining up all his animals in the tub.

 We picked out pumpkins and looked at farm animals. 
Garrett loves animals, well, just looking, not touching. 

 We had some frozen apple cider.
 We went hiking and threw rocks into the river.

 Soaked up our last bit of sunshine at the park. 
 Went to six flags with some friends. Garrett rode his first roller coaster. After the first time around he kept saying, "Done, done, done." haha. I may have scarred him for life. 
 We met up in Philly with Laci and her husband, Parker. 

Climbed the Rocky stairs. 
 Went on wagon rides. 
 Walked through a corn maze.
And had a fun Halloween dressed up as a shark.


  1. Okay, you are making me feel much better about the fact that I haven't even blogged about Christmas yet! Haha. I loved all the pictures. And I love that when G is wearing Dave's sweatshirt he looks like a mini Harry Potter.

  2. We made the blog! So fun! You guys are always on an adventure... I love it!