March 31, 2014


G has been eating lots of pb & j's 
We've been making fires and roasting hot dogs and s'mores 
We've also been enjoying the blossoms on all the trees. 
They are EVERYWHERE and I love it! I love this time of the year. 
I learned that Garrett is now tall enough to grab things from places 
he wasn't able to reach not too long ago. 
One day Garrett was roaming around the house.
I could hear him making his little noises and then all of a sudden it was very quiet...too quiet. 
I looked out into the hallway and there Garrett was...with my nikon camera. 
I quickly ran over, examined the camera and realized my lens was broken. 
It was only the stock lens, but my heart sunk. It was the only lens I had that wasn't a telephoto. 
Lesson learned. The hard way. 
But a month later and I got a new lens, which I love....and am taking better care of.
Because of the fixed focal length I have to get closer to Garrett, which, of course, he notices 
the camera and rushes over to sit in my lap to look at the pictures on the screen (I should have never shown him that the camera does that), so most pictures are now going to be mainly of his head. 

Garrett is now very into stacking his blocks. 
He also likes to play with dad's tools
while dad changes the oil.