September 15, 2014


Our stay in Utah was fun and busy, 
we tried to do something just about every day to keep G entertained.
 We went boating on Utah Lake.
                    Garrett loves gold fish. He doesn't want to eat them, he just wants to hold them.

We went for a little walk around Silver Lake. 
Went to Thanksgiving Point 
Hung out with Milo and James...Garrett is kind of a hoarder.
Looked at the animals at Wheeler Farm 
Got this fun email from our apartment complex manager while I was gone.

                                                            We went on several hikes.

 It was nice to drive up the canyon and escape the heat for a little bit.

We celebrated my mom's birthday
and hung out with family. Garrett loves Ethan.
We went out to Mona and played on the rope swing. 

I got to see my friend Rachel and her little boy Collin.
It was good to catch up with friends while I was there and see all their kids. I wish I had been able to visit with more, but I didn't have enough time, I'm sorry to those I didn't get to see!
We went to visit Grandpa. He and my mom are in charge of the LDS YSA softball team, for their stake, they take it pretty seriously. My dad loves grooming the field and my mom likes to play music during the breaks. We call it Grant's Fenway.
Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons were full of wild flowers. It was beautiful.
Kylee and I took a hike to Lake Mary. 

We went to the zoo with Jeff's family. Garrett loved looking at the animals and making the noises they make. He especially loved roaring at the lion.

Hiking up to Cecret Lake was a good way to end our trip. We had a great time with friends and family and I'm excited to see everyone again at Christmas!