February 4, 2012

pick me ups...

When I'm studying or having a bad day, sometimes I just need a little break to step away and find something that can remind me that this feeling of discouragement or frustration will not last and that life is good. These breaks often lead me to mormon messages. Tonight I was studying for my epidemiology exam, and getting super frustrated with the math portion, and decided it was time for a pick me up. I found a mormon message that was about motherhood. As I was watching it, I was reminded of a woman named, Stephanie Nielson. This amazing woman was in a plane crash and her story is so inspirational. It breaks my heart, and I cry like a baby when I'm watching, but her perspective is...uplifting. It brings me back to reality and reminds me that I'm so lucky to have the gospel in my life. I have a Heavenly Father who listens and is there for me at all times. That through the Atonement my burdens will be lifted, because the Savior knows exactly what I'm feeling and going through. I hope others can find little ways of being uplifted in their daily lives like I have. It's nice to sit back for a minute and put everything into perspective, and remember who I am and who I want to be.


  1. I definitely needed this! I've had a frustrating week with school too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ditto to Megan's comment. Love you Ash

  3. Thanks for the Pick me up!... if you ever need a break and want to go get a Frozen Yogurt let me know i'm just up-stairs :D