May 28, 2013

Our Recent Adventures

Wow, April just totally flew by and May is going by just as quick. Here's what our little family has been up to...

Adventure #1 Knowing that we would most likely be moving, we decided to go on some adventures with our little family. Our first adventure was the Spiral Jetty in northern Utah. Ever since I learned about it in one of my art classes I've always wanted to go, but never made the time. It wasn't the best time of the year to go up since it was mostly covered by water, but we still had fun.

Adventure #2 After our match day excitement we decided we needed a vacation. Sunday we decided to go to California and we left Monday morning - the most spontaneous I have ever been.

We started out in Medford, OR and drove down through the Redwood  Forest.
It was amazing. I loved all the moss that covered everything. 

This was the inspiration for our trip - to drive through a tree like on cruisin' USA

It started to rain, so Jeff was trying to hurry back to the car with G-man

We also went to 17 mile beach, Monterey and Big Sur

Kate looking for star fish

Rob and Jeff's idea

An amazing beach 
Rob was super excited to be here

Alcatraz was pretty sweet - it's worth the money

Adventure #3 Our last adventure was to celebrate Graduating. We joined up with Melissa and Rhett Smith and went on a seven day cruise to Grand Turk and the Bahamas. I missed my little Garrett, but it was nice to spend 7 days with just Jeff.

Our lovely snorkeling faces 

Rhett trying to examine the animal living inside the shell he found
Melissa loved collecting seashells for her little girl

Half Moon Cay definitely had the prettiest water - this picture does not do it justice. We had a blast playing bocce ball, lounging, playing in the water and snorkeling. 

Our last stop was in Nassau, but we decided not to take our camera. It was pretty awesome. We went to the water park in the Atlantis resort, relaxed some more, played in the ocean and enjoyed the aquariums. Our trip ended by randomly witnessing a fight between a couple, which resulted in the girlfriend biting her boyfriends ear causing him to bleed. It was pretty intense - wish I had a picture.

                     Thanks Rhett and Melissa for making our trip so fun! We had a blast! 


  1. fun! You look so good for recently having a baby! Your baby is so cute in the football outfit. :)

  2. You guys are having too much fun! I'm impressed that you made the journey out to the spiral Getty - I always vowed to do it, but never did! And as an art major that is a shameful thing! You look great and we are excited to hear about your next adventures. Take care!