June 27, 2014


We packed up the moving truck and headed up north to our new home. 
We made a stop at Duke. For some reason, their rare book and manuscript section of the library has a Book of Mormon that was published in 1830. You have to keep it on these angled blocks to protect the spine, but it was pretty cool to flip through the pages.
We got to our apartment in Owings Mills and started unpacking. Owings Mills is about 20 minutes north-west of Baltimore and is a nice, family friendly area. We kind of live in a ghetto apartment compared to other housing in the area (it's expensive!) and I may have had an emotional breakdown when we moved in. But our apartment is becoming more and more like home and I have to keep reminding myself, do I want to spend our money on furniture and a nicer apartment or do I want to be able to go see all of the cool cities and areas that surround us? I would love to have a home that looks like pictures off of pinterest, but traveling and exploring is more exciting to us right now.
These cute kids helped us unpack. We rewarded them with some zots and cookies. Now everyday the two kids on the right of the bookshelf come knocking on our door and ask for candy. Haha. It's pretty funny. They also keep calling Jeff, Dave (even though we've told them a thousand times his name is Jeff) and always ask if they can play with Garrett. 
We went to IKEA and magically fit everything into our car...we deserve a prize. 
I have a love-hate relationship with IKEA. 
We found an awesome italian ice shack by our apartment. 
It's our favorite, and Garrett likes to make friends there.
We also went to the children's museum and the aquarium to get season passes.
G loved it. 

Thanks to Melinda for coming out to help us move! You helped us out a ton! 

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