July 7, 2014

4 T H  O F  J U L Y
We started out our day by getting an italian ice smoothie at our favorite sno-cone shack.
 Enjoyed the aquarium - Garrett dressed up as a fish

 Played at one of the parks downtown

 We sat on that hill to watch the firework show. I would have loved to rent one of those dragon paddle boats to watch it, but having G...on a boat...for couple of hours...not ideal.

 W A S H I N G T O N  D C 
Jeff and I really wanted to go to DC for the 4th, but we were a little nervous about what Garrett would be like and we didn't really know what to expect, so we decided to go the day after. I can't believe how close we are to DC. We drove 30 minutes to one of the metro stations and rode it into Arlington. 
 We saw the tomb of the unknown soldier and watched the changing of the guard. I loved when the soldiers saluted the tomb. I never knew this, but there are tons of crazy requirements in order to be a tomb guard. They have to be a certain height and build, they have to memorize seven pages of Arlington National Cemetery history and go through training and some tests. It's a pretty honorable position to hold.
The Arlington National Cemetery was probably the most humbling place. Looking at all of those tomb stones made me think about how lucky I am to have the freedoms I have.

Garrett peed his pants while we were there, and I had everything in my diaper bag, except a change of clothes. So he got to ride around in his diaper while his pants dried.

 G enjoyed some black beans at chipotle. Jeff had to back away from him a couple times so that Garrett didn't smear his hands all over his white shirt. haha. Don't worry I cleaned the table and seating up with a wet wipe before we left.

 The Lincoln Memorial was packed, but I was so excited to see it. I've never been to DC before.

 Garrett snuggled up to some ladies on the stairs. The yellow shirt lady and Garrett were taking selfies together.

 The last place we visited was the Korean War memorial. 

We had a great fourth of July weekend! Thank you to all those who serve our country.

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