September 5, 2017

Red Caboose Motel

After checking in we went to the National Toy Train Museum, Garrett's favorite: the Lego train set. 

 The kids favorite thing was watching the steam engine pass by with all of its passengers. Garrett would yell, "CHOO CHOO!" 
 Jeff and Garrett putting a penny on the tracks so see if the train would flatten it. 
 The results

 Riding the miniature train around. 

 Garrett's favorite part was the caboose, where he and Jane got to spend the night in bunk beds. 
 Climbed to the top of the observation silo; it was a beautiful view! 

 Jane loved the petting zoo. I think she would have taken all the animals home if she could. 

 Jane tripped and her shoe came off, and sweet Garrett lifter her up on the bench and put her shoe back on for her. After he was done, Jane said, "fank you Garrett!" Melts my heart when they are so good to each other. 

 Watching the sun go down. This was all for the kids, and Jeff and I loved watching them get so excited about everything. 

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