May 15, 2011

Bun in the Oven

If you already haven't heard...I'm pregnant! 

People have been asking me a lot of questions, so for
those who I have not talked to here's my pregnancy story. 

Jeff and I started trying in about January. 
It only took a few months before finding out.
One Saturday morning Jeff asks me, "Have you started yet?"
I said, "No, I think I've got a few more days." ...weird that he knows my schedule better than me! 
I look at my calendar, "mmm I was supposed to start yesterday"
(Aunt Flow visits me EVERY 28 days without fail)
"If it doesn't come by tomorrow I'll take a prego test"

Jeff and I got a phone call that Sunday morning from 
our dear friend's brother-in-law. He told us Garrett wasn't going 
to make it after being in an avalanche accident and we should 
come to the hospital and say our goodbye's. 

After leaving the hospital and thinking about life, Jeff tells me we're 
going to the grocery store to get a test. I got home, pulled out one of 
those sticks and did what you're supposed to do. 
I sat and stared at it on the counter, don't worry I've cleaned the counter since. 
Ever so SLOWLY the lines started to form. 
The test was positive. 
I stood there with my eyes glued to it. I couldn't believe I was pregnant! 
The combination of sadness from earlier that day and the rush of happiness 
created a numb feeling inside.
We were still trying to take in the fact that our friend just passed away, when we 
found out I had a little baby forming in my stomach.
 It felt very surreal. 

I emailed my doctor to tell him I was pregnant. His nurse told me I 
needed to get my hormone levels tested just to be sure. 
The nurse called me the day after getting my blood drawn. 
"Hi pregnant lady!"
I'm with my dad in the car...and he doesn't know anything. 
I quickly turn my volume down on my phone. 
We got your test results back and your levels are pretty high. 
OK...I'm thinking what does that mean?
You might be having twins! 
Oh wow. I look over at my dad to make sure he didn't hear anything. 
My brain is screaming WHAT! 
She says I should have told you to sit down before telling you that news. 
I'm glad I was sitting down. 

After hearing that information I scheduled an ultrasound. 
I had to wait two weeks to find out whether I was having twins or not. 
I was so excited and so scared. I didn't know what to think. 
When the screen was focused and the doctor told me there was ONE little 
baby growing, I asked him if he was sure and he said yes. 
I was relieved, but I had gotten a little excited to have twins. 
It would have been one crazy adventure. 
But I'm excited to have one, and have a less crazy adventure. 
I was only 7 weeks at the time, but we were able to hear the heartbeat that day! 
It was incredible. At that moment it wasn't surreal anymore. 
I realized our baby was actually inside of me and I'm going to be a mom!

I'm at 11 weeks now and will continue to update on progress. 
Next week I have an ultrasound so it will be fun to see how much 
the baby has grown. 

We told our parent's last week for mother's day and here are some of the pictures. 


  1. aww I'm so happy for you!! It's the BEST!

  2. Ashton and Jeff!!!! Congrats, guys! That is wonderful news and I am so glad there was some good news for your family in the midst of that week. We love you. You will be awesome parents! Xx

  3. Thanks for keeping your mom in the dark for so long. I can't believe you did not call me as soon as you saw the + on the stick!!! I am hurt beyond belief and will take years to recover!!

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your friend...what an emotional roller coaster. But also what great news and excitement!! You are going to be the cutest momma and have the cutest baby ever! Congrats again! Love Ya!

  5. How exciting! Congratulations to you both. And don't feel too bad about the twins, I always wanted twins until I found out how much work one was :) Good luck in the coming months.