June 30, 2013

Mt. Mitchell

This weekend we swam in the lake and went to Mt.Mitchell

The drive was beautiful! 
As you can see - this was one of the views we had on our way up the mountain.
 It was so beautiful it distracted Jeff and he ran into the knife slicing curb 
 And this happened:
low profile tires + curb = hole in side wall of tire 
After getting a little frustrated and then laughing about it, 
we drove to Asheville, got a new tire, then headed back up into the mountains
It was so pretty! 

Garrett's entertainment
I know, this is a horrible picture. 
On the way home we came around a corner to a lady laying across the middle of the road. 
We stopped, Jeff grabbed his CPR mask, and ran over to help. 
She had laid down her bike going around a curve and had road rash all over her arms. 
Jeff and some others moved her off the road as someone else called 911. 
It was kind of crazy.
 She was injured and instead of being hysterical about what happened to her, 
she was freaking out about her bike. 
I'm glad Jeff didn't need to perform CPR, but at that moment I thought about how grateful I am for Jeff.
 I have a husband who is willing to go out and help others and not just sit back. 

A nice way to end our day after a long day of driving - going for a swim.

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  1. Wow, those are some really pretty mountains! What an adventure you two are having :)