February 14, 2014


Last week Jeff was able to take some time off and we went to visit our friends down in Gainesville, where our friend Rob is doing his anesthesia residency. We met the Stokers Jeff's first year of medical school at a picnic and instantly became best of friends. We've shared some great memories and it was so nice to be able to spend some time with them since we haven't seen them in 6 months. 

The weather wasn't awesome our first day in Florida, but it did make the lines shorter.

 Our first ride was it's a small world. Garrett was in awe looking at all the little dancing figures.

 He also loved this play area. He tried to push that kid aside to get in the car, but the kid elbowed him, haha.

 He doesn't look like he's enjoying the dumbo ride, but he screamed every time we took him off. And that's our friend Rob in the background, not some random creeper.

He also loved the tea cups, we rode it three times. 

 One minute he's awake, and the next he was out. He had gone 11 straight hours without sleep. Poor kid just didn't want to miss anything. We were pleasantly surprised how much he actually enjoyed Disney.
 The next day the Stokers took us to see some gators. 

It was pretty cool. They were so close to us, we could have touched them!

The next day we drove to the gulf and hung out on the beach for a little bit.

 Our last day we went to Universal and it was awesome. 
Harry Potter world was all that I imagined. 
If you ever go, be sure to try some butterbeer! 

Thanks for watching Garrett for us Kate! 

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