February 13, 2014

G A R R E T T  T U R N S  1 ! 

Garrett didn't really know it, but we did all of his favorite things for his birthday. 
We went to the park and swung on the swings.

Played trucks

And read some books

We kept his birthday small; celebrating with just the three of us. 
He opened presents.

Ate some cake. 

 Liked it better with a fork.
He was not stoked about the cake on his hands.

Really, he just didn't love the cake while sitting down

He wanted to eat more like this...

And we had to take a family picture. 

I can't believe a full year has gone by! My little Garrett brings me so much joy and happiness. He has also taught me many things. I've learned to be more patient....extremely patient. I've learned that my house can no longer be clean at all times, not that it was to begin with, but he has brought a whole new level of messy. I've learned to just be ok with things, and that it's easier to laugh than to get frustrated. I've also learned that having a child is the most amazing experience. It's hard, but it's rewarding. Each new stage some things get easier and some things change and you have to adapt, but it's so exciting to see him learn and grow. It's worth all the work and the effort. He has gone from a completely helpless, little, human nugget, to a walking, climbing, jabbering, exploring, little toddler. I wouldn't trade a single thing for the experience I've had so far. I wouldn't even trade the sleepless nights and zombie mornings. He's my crazy man and I love him. 
Happy Birthday G! 

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