April 18, 2015


Here's another photo dump from the month of December and nothing is in order, so sorry about that.
We went to a local mall and looked at the awesome train sets. Garrett, of course, found "mas."

We opened our Christmas presents before traveling out to Utah.

We celebrated Christmas morning at Jeff's parent's house.
Grandma and Grandpa got Garrett this fun train set.
G loved sitting in the middle, watching the train go around and around.

It was a foot-pajama kind of morning. 

We went to my parent's and opened presents later that day. 

                                        Garrett got more trains from Grandma and Grandpa. 

Back in Maryland, we had our first big snow storm, so we decided to take a walk in it. 

Garrett played with his best friend, "Wucy." 
They are hilarious together. 

I will never again take my child Christmas shopping with me. 
haha. He found a thomas train you can sit on and carried it around 
Ross the entire time we were there. 

We watched Peter Pan on TV and he loved it. 
He wanted to fly too, so I picked him up and flew him around our apartment. 
Every time I put him down, he'd say, "again, again!"

We went to the DC temple to look at the lights. 

Garrett enjoyed the nativity scene.

We LOVE the library. 
We go about every two weeks and check out a bunch of books. 
Garrett always makes friends there
 and it's nice to be able to have new books without paying for them. 

He found all the Minnie's at Wal-Mart

We went to Christmas Street in Baltimore.

We went to lots of Dr. appointments. Sometimes I had to pull out the Ipad, 
my tummy made a great resting place for Garrett's elbow.

We played with our Utah friends. 

We went to a train shop and rode around on the large train track they have setup. 
It's pretty cute, and of course Garrett had a great time. 

We went to temple square.

8 years since we all graduated high school and now we have KIDS! 

Attempted to go sledding, this activity was not enjoyed by Garrett.

Went to the Bean Museum in Provo with cousins. 

Played at the Children's museum

Sometimes you just have to take off all your clothes to avoid getting wet.

We went ice skating at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. 

Took a mini vacation to DC. 
Jeff watched Garrett while I went to the Holocaust museum. 
I'm not quite sure how to describe my experience there;
 humbling, terrible, sad, horrific, mind blowing.
My favorite(?) part was listening to the survivors talk about what they experienced. 
It was amazing what these people endured. Because I was pregnant at the time, 
I kept thinking I would have been one of the first to be incinerated when first arriving at the concentration camps...isn't that terrible! 

We had a great time at the National Air and Space Museum.

Went to the top of the Washington Monument.

Relaxed in our hotel.

Checked out some rock specimens at the Museum of Natural History.

And ended with a trip to the Naval Academy in Annapolis 

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  1. Oh my goodness! I LOVE all these pictures!! I don't care if they are 4 months late. They are still as cute as can be. I was cracking up at Garrett carrying that Thomas car all around Ross. Hahaha. So funny! And that Christmas street looks super fun! I want to come out during Christmas time now!