April 21, 2015


We celebrated Garrett's second birthday!
Poor kid had pink eye, so we weren't able to do all the things I wanted to take him to do, but
I was able to make him waffles for breakfast, his favorite.

We went to the library, sorry library people, 
we HAD to get out of the house after quarantining for two weeks.

We opened presents.

He cried when there was nothing left to open.

I made him muffins, another favorite. 
Happy Birthday little man! 

First time riding in his new forward facing car seat. 
I don't know who was more pleased, me or him! 

And here are some more photos from the rest of February.

And yes, that is a doll he is holding. Someone gave it to us as a present for our new baby girl, but Garrett decided it was for him.

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  1. Hahahahaha! That's so sad he cried when there was nothing left. That little cutie. I love that you have captured him playing with his trains. That is so sweet. And I love his milk drinking perch. Whatever works, right??