May 6, 2015

Final Weeks

March was kind of crazy for us. I wasn't sure when our little girl would make her debut so I tried to treat everyday like it was my "last" day with Garrett and soak up all the mommy and G time we had left. I know I'll have alone time with him again, but things won't ever be like they were. From the moment Garrett woke up to the moment he went to sleep, we have done everything together for the last two years and we'll still be doing everything together, but with a new little peanut. About two days before I was due I broke down thinking about all that would change and that I wasn't going to have the same amount of time for Garrett like I've had, and for a moment I felt a little selfish that we were going to be bringing a new baby into our home, but it wasn't selfish, I knew our family needed to grow and that he desperately needed a friend and a sibling. He's always chasing after other kids and whenever we go somewhere and he sees kids his age he looks at me and says, "friends, friends!!"  I hope Jane and Garrett can be best of friends.
            So in our last month we did pretty much what we had done in all the months previous: we read lots of books, went to the library to get more books, went to the aquarium, the children's museum, rode the metro, attempted to play in the snow, played at the park, went to a bounce place with all these blow up slides (even at 39 weeks pregnant I climbed up ladders and went down slides and it was awesome. I tried jumping in one of those bounce houses, but my bladder didn't think that was appropriate), I didn't want to have my second baby and say, "I wish I had spent more time with Garrett." Thankfully, I have no regrets. He's my little buddy, and I'll forever cherish the time we had and the time we'll have in the future.

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